Nrttaratnavali book

In our latest historical snippets post we came across Nrttaratnavali by Jayappa, who was a militant commander. We saw the various Desi lasyangas described by him. Here is a latest news about him and his literary source. Jayappa as called by Prof. V Raghavan is also known as Jaya Senapati or Jayasena.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

This Saturday, noted Sanskrit scholar Pappu Venugopala Rao and dancer-scholar Yashoda Thakore unveil their English translation of “Nrtta Ratnavali”, a 13th Century work written by Jaaya Senapati, a general in the army of the Kakatiya king, Ganapati Deva.

“Nrtta Ratnavali” contains four chapters that describe movements adhering to the margi style as found in the Natya Shastra, and four chapters delineating the desi tradition prevalent during the Kakatiya reign.

Eminent scholar Pappu Venugopala Rao adds that though Jaayasena’s work focuses on the body and movement, he goes beyond. “For example, he talks of qualities of the dancer, of the musician, groups of musicians, groups of dancers — which are very relevant for dancers. All these are not mentioned in the Natya Shastra.”

“If this book had been published before the Abhinaya Darpana, people would have used it more.”

More details:

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