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Namaskaram!  welcome to BN and WWW.

People Behind BN&WWW

 Blog  Story…

This blog became an extension of the emails that I for years shared with a few friends and relatives.  Nov. 2007  saw the birth of BN and WWW. The blog uses the fantastic free services of WordPress and there are no commercial undertones whatsoever. The blog was born to be a platform for information and discussion about “what’s happening in the world of Bharathanatyam”.

“I do not claim to be a great artist, guru or a reviewer… But I would introduce myself as a ” Bharathanatyam enthusiast…” Bharathanatyam” is my passion and I am happy to share it with all my readers. I believe that “Art is greater than the Artist”. And that “There is no Art without Artists”….

Academically I am working on my doctorate in Medical Sciences. I take that as an excuse to sometimes ignore this blog, comment and emails. But I promise I eventually get to all of them.

I have some great friends who keep this blog running. My humble pranams to all those who have lovingly carried Bharthanatyam along the way  and continue to nurture it .


Sangeetha Shyam

Pillars of BN&WWW

BN&WWW runs with the help from a committed group of people. They identify topics of interest,  author posts, look after blog and calendar maintenance. Most importantly, they make up an informal editorial board that decides on appropriate course of action to controversial emails/comments. I am very happy to introduce a few of them to you.

Dr. Ragothaman Yennamalli completed his Ph.D in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Apart from scientific interests, he is a student of Bharatanatyam learning from Guru Vijayalakshmi Ramanan, New Delhi.

Soumya : 

How do articles Pop Up on this Blog?

Friends, yester-year classmates and a few readers-turned-supporters pitch in to identify and provide ideas or information for the posts on this blog. I  also post in this blog excerpts of writings/thoughts that I find interesting; from what  I read , hear and see. More often than not, it is a friends email or a readers’s comment that determines the topics that appear on this blog. I will cite the sources of articles, if they had one, with the best of intentions and to the best of my ability. But I cannot attest to the authenticity of all the articles, and comments from readers and other statements . I would suggest that contributors please submit the citation as I do not condone plagiarism. Readers are also requested to use their discretion :)..

Have something to say or add to our posts?

Readers are welcome to introduce themselves, express their thoughts and opinions on the articles posted. But do not slander or malign people for such comments are never going to see the light of the day in this blog. I personally moderate all the comments in this blog and if I have overlooked a real mean comment I always have friends who notice and bring to notice. Its quite a guillotine here for the malicious and weird comments.

Have an event to share?

If you would like to share with us Bharathanatyam event, please leave a small note in the comment. Please dont forget to include the following:-

  1. Name of the event/dancer
  2. Venue: Auditorium/city/country
  3. Time/duration
  4. Other details like ticketing info/synopsis etc

We will add it up to our event calendar. In the past if a few of yours have not been added, it is solely because some important detail has been missing.

Have an article to share?

If you are interested in sharing your article on Bharathanatyam and related matters, please leave a comment stating your name and the topic you are interested in sharing with us. We would love to see a short abstract. I will get back to you through email


If you are interested in our replies please be sure to furnish correct email IDS in the comment.  

35 responses to “About

  1. hai sangeetha akka….
    u r doing a wonderful job…i have nt seen u nor u know me…but i m really impressed by ur dedication towards the profession…..this will be a great guidance 4 the up coming artist all over the world….may god bless u….
    with regards and prayers…
    hari kishan

    Sangeetha :Thanks Hari Kishan

  2. Hi sangeetha akka,

    This is a great way of contirbuting towards your passion as well the asr form. I am happy to see this blog, and hope that this blog will be very very useful to many a dancers out there and many an enthusiasts out there, like you, who are dying to do something for the art form. Thank you,

    Umaa Sathya Narayanan

    Sangeetha :Thank you too! Uma

  3. Respected sangeetha,
    a great webpage we need to really bring in some discipline in to the art of bharatanatyam and bring in youngsters to perform .
    iam also a dance enthusiast please give me an appointment so as to meet u and discuss certain topics.
    thanking you
    yours truly
    v s sriraam
    SS JAY

    Hi Sriram,
    Somehow missed reading your comment earlier.. I am happy to meet another dance enthusiast here.. You are welcome to share your suggestions and comment here.

  4. Rangoli Dance Company along with guest artists from India presents
    Patanjali: Legends of Yoga and Dance

    August 9, 2008
    MAIN STAGE, Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Unwritten Rhythms: 7:30 pm
    Patanjali Dance Concert: 8:00 pm.

    Dear Malathi,
    Thanks for sharing the info with us..I have moved the details to a new post.

  5. This an exclusive one night performance entitled UJJWALA – AWAKENING THE INNER FLAME, will be staged at the Malaysian Tourist Center, Auditorium Dewan Tuaku Abdul Rahman. 109, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
    on 30th August at 7.30pm, by Ajith Bhaskaran Dass

    See link for details:


    Hi !
    I am just back from a Bharathanatyam performance in Brickfields.. Coincidentally I met Smt. Usha Ramachandran and she told me about this program.(She is doing the nattuvangam , isnt she?). Well, I will move this comment of yours into a new post as soon as possible for greater visibility. And I hope to make it there too!

  6. Truly good work! Your blog is a really interesting read. Keep the Bharatanatyam fire burning.

    Thanks for the comment on Sa.

    Hi Sneha,
    I just dont want to say the usual “I love your blog too” thingy! Iam truly inspired and impressed by your blog “sa vadati” . Your blog really speaks…
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi,
    We just added you to our Blogroll. (In fact you’re the first person on our roll 🙂 )
    Great blog!
    Sneha and Shweta

    Thanks Sneha and Shweta,
    I am honored.
    Well that’s exactly what I say about your blog to all my friends. “Great Blog” from 2 really thoughtful girls

  8. Dear Sangeetha Shyam,

    Namaskaram!It was great visiting your site! Keep up the good work! We have sent our website address. Hope you can add some of our reviews and program details on your site.

    Thank you
    Shijith N Parvathy

    Hi Shijith and Parvathy,
    Namaskarams to you too. Glad to see you both here. Would sure do it…
    Your website is beautiful, another expression of your fine aesthetics.
    I have heard and read about you, though havent had the oppurtunity to watch you live… I hope that happens soon!
    Best wishes,

  9. Namaskarama…
    Very nice to here theese words from u.. I too have interest in Art forms.. Iam the editor of Kannada languge Art journal Noopurabhramari…If u know kannada it would be great pleasure for myself…
    thank u… keep in touch,.. and best wishes in this journey of Art…

    Thanks Manorama…
    I did visit your website, but unfortunately I cant read Kannada. I can see that some serious study is happening at your place. You could try providing an English version with the automatic translating programs..

    Best wishes,

  10. Hi Sangeetha:
    I would like to post my daughter’s upcoming Bharathnatyam performances in Dec.08. How would I go about do that? Please let me know.


    With Regards

    Dear Pushkala,
    You may do so by posting it here in the comment section.. I will also email you at the ID you have registered here. So if you have a a flyer or a JPEG Image to go with it you can send it in there.

  11. Hello Sangeeta,

    I am great fan of your blog and thoroughly enjoy reading the articles, interviews you post on the blog. When i was reading about Santosh Menon, i was reminded about another wonderful performering artiste, Renjith Babu- A Kalakshetra graduate and who has been undergoing advanced training under Prof. C.V. Chandrasekar sir.

    It would be nice IF you could also have an article or an interview of his done and posted on the blog. He is someone who deserves to be appreciated.

    Just a thought….

    Keep up the good work !!! 🙂
    good luck

  12. Dear Archana,
    Sorry about the late reply… Am just back from a vacation. Would love to interview Renjith Babu. Do you have a contact Id? Do you have specific questions in mind that you want to ask? Please let me know and let us see how we can do it.


    At the outset i apologise to have u taken for granted for being the dancer “sangeetha Eswaran” from chennai.
    well,in that case let me intorduce myself…Iam SUHASINI MUTHUKRISHAN,basically an alumnus of kalakshetra ,Chennai and went for specailised training for “BHARATHANATYAM “under
    prof. Shri.C.V.CHANDRASEKAR,Smt. MANJARI.Alos,I had a short stint of training under Smt.PUSHPA SHANKAR and Smt. NIRMALA both being teaching faculty in kalakshetra.
    presently ,iam in U.S., and have taken a short break from dancing .
    KUDOS to ur dance enthusiasm and the efforts which has taken its shape in the form of this blog -for people like me.
    suhasini .

    Hi again Suhasini !,
    Glad to hear about you. You don’t have to apologize for the “mistaken identity”.This has happened a lot of times and even in some personal interactions. While at Indonesia, a couple of Balinese dancers were talking to me like they really knew me 🙂 .. they were under the impression that I was the “Sangeetha Iswaran” who had worked with them a couple of years ago. Sangeetha is just too common a name:)
    Thanks for your comment..
    Keep in touch!

  14. I have a 4 year old daughter. i wanted to get your advice to know when is the appropriate age to learn bharthantyam for her. We live in dayton, OH. She already goes to Ballet, tap dances, but doesnt really shake herself out, so I am not sure how to proceed. Your guidance is much appreciated.

    Hi Meenal!
    Glad to hear that your daughter is into dancing. Bharathanatyam is pretty intense – the araimandi position and firm taps of the feet work on the lower back, thighs, the knees,the calf, the ankle, heel and the feet. It is believed that physically and mentally a child is ready for Bharathanatyam not before 5 years of age. Most people even say 7 years, but I think its more a case of individual milestone achievement. But generally it may be said children are usually ready between 5 and 7 years of age. The child apart form being physically fit should have attained enough cognition development to mirror movements to the right and left. I believe this usually happens when they can successfully draw a diamond, which occurs at around 6 years of age.

    Initial lessons can be strenuous and if the child is not ready physically or mentally, then she may not keep at it. So there readiness is an important factor in the success of their initial training and adherence to it apart from the fact that it may have a medical dimension to it.
    Best Wishes,

  15. Sangeetha,

    Please accept my compliments on a prolific blog.

    I write to seek your suggestion on a text on bharatnatyam which explores the philosophical underpinnings of the dance form as expressed in Varnam. A recommendation would be greatly appreciated and form an excellent reference for my travel this coming monsoons to India.

    Look forward to a response.


    Hi Gaurav,
    Nice to meet you here.
    Well the reference depends on the depth of treatment you are looking for. As a start you could look at Dr. Sunil Kothari’s “Bharata Natyam”. Particularly the following chapters may be of interest to you.
    Chapter1- In Praise of Bharata Natyam by Mulk Raj Anand
    Chapter 2- Spiritual Background by Rukmini Devi
    Chapter 3- History, Growth and Revival
    Chapter8 – Margam repertoire: Alarippu to Thillana.

    The philosophical or spiritual undertones are not restricted to the Varnam alone, though it is the central/main piece in a Bharathanatyam recital. You could also look into padams, javalis which are supposed to convey the longing of the jeevatma(soul) to unite with the Paramatama(Supreme Soul).

    Here is an amazon reference to the book

  16. Hi,

    I’m actually a student of Vijay Anna (Vijay Madhavan),and I’m doing my masters degree in Arizona State University. I came across your blog and I really love it. There aren’t that many “web-presences” for Bharatnatyam like the other dance forms, unfortunately! I feel motivated to contribute too, but I’m just a student and I dont know enough to contribute like you or the other great people who contribute to your blog!
    I have my own blog too (purple-poise.blogspot.com), but its not very specific to dance, though I’m working on putting up one; there is just one article – my opinion about a performance I saw here in Phoenix.
    I’m planning to write about dance from a student’s perspective (especially one who misses it!) among a few other things that I have learnt or realized in dance.
    I guess I’m rambling something here! But what I really wanted to say was, thank you very much for making such a powerful, sharp, much needed web presence for BharatNatyam. this kind of proves that digital contribution to the artform is also possible!
    Oh by the way, when you are free, it would be nice if you could check out what I felt about a performance here – http://purple-poise.blogspot.com/2009/03/poised-performance-by-shrishti-creation.html . It is just my thoughts on the performance, I should warn you, it is a pretty long article! I would like to know what you think of it, and your feedback would help me grow!

    Thanks once again,

    Hi Soumya!
    Glad to meet you here… I am emailing you!

  17. Hi Sangeetha,

    I really enjoy reading through your blog..especially about upcoming program all around the world.I am a student of Smt Shantha Bhaskar ( Singapore) and Smt and Sri Hariharan ( Kalakshetra and Disciples of the Dhananjayans). Currently I live in Arizona Phoenix and take dance classes here too. Its really nice to be able to come to your site and get my weekly knowings on what is happening in the dance scences all over. Just wanted to say KUDOS to the great blog and look forward for more interesting happenings. 🙂

    Shyla Ganesan.

    Thanks for dropping by Shyla!

  18. Hi Sangeetha,

    This is Meena (narrator from Ujjwala). There’s a dance production Ananda Absolute! coming up in June 20th and 21st 2009 at the MTC Auditorium Jalan Ampang. It’s a double bill production by Ajith Bhaskaran Dass and Nadarajan Muniandy. It’s two separate repertoire’s in one production. Ajith & Suvarna Fine Arts present Shree Stree Sakthi while Nadarajan & Subraanjali Dance Theatre present Harismaranam.

    Please let me know how I can get this posted on this site. I also have a flyer and how can I send that to you?


    Hi Meena!
    I have emailed you (at the Id you have provided) Would sure add it up!
    Best wishes,

  19. hi sangeetha,
    i have a 6 year old daughter who has been leaning ballet for 18 months and now i have started her on bharathanatyam and she is doing very well. she loves both but i have been told by several people to stop ballet as she will not do very well in bharathanatya if she continues with both. my daughter loves both dancing and i am confused? can you help me with some good advice please.

    Hi Ajanthy,
    I can’t advice on this with authority because I havent seen many students who have learnt both. I had one student who learnt ballet and learnt BN from me. She had a problem with the azhutham of her steps and something in the way she moved her heels. But I cant generalise based on this one student. It may depend on the versatility of the individual and how comfortable they are while switching between the movement vocabulary of the dance forms. Some children/adults are quick to switch.

    Genreally IMHO learning a new form may require certain amount of unlearning or disassociation from the other. This is easier when the learner is young and hasnt put in too many years on the previous dance form.

    I would suggest you ask the BN teacher if she finds something “out of place” in your daughter’s dancing because of her ballet training. Ask her ballet teacher too. See if a teacher points out something. The one that seems to influence your daughter more may suit her more. Stick to that one may be. If both teachers have no concerns continue until either your daughter decides one in favour of the other, or if she struggles to make justice to either ballet or BN.

    Sorry I am not of much help with this one.


  20. Hello Sangeetha…. Wonderful contribution to the world of classical arts. Anyone can start a blog or website. But to maintain on a daily basis is not an easy task. Congratulations and all the best. GS RAJAN

  21. happy to c ur blog…i will inform my forth coming dance program …hope u put it in ur blog…catch u soon

  22. Dear Mrs.Sangeetha,

    I am not sure if you remember me, jt refresh you am a bharathanatyam dance teacher in malaysia, we were in touch a few years back. I have lost your num and email. Pls do email me as i would love to be intouch with you and have a few ideas i would like to discuss with you. 🙂

  23. Hello All,
    Just found this site online. I have a group of 18 people that will be in Chennai in December 2013. We would love to have a 2 hours introduction (and possibly trying a few steps) of Bharathanatyam. We would like to know the history, meaning of some of the dance steps and any other historical reference. It would also be nice if we can be shown (and try) a few movements of the dance. Please let me know if there is a teacher/class in Chennai that would be interested. We can go to the house or class or teacher can come to our place, etc. Email me at yoeshe@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  24. Dear Sangeetha Akka, I am a student of dance and recently came across this website. FInd it extremely useful and informative. And will now be a regular visitor of the website. Thank you !!

  25. Dear Sangeetha, congrats on a informative and supportive blog. All the best for your continued support for the dance community.

    As a dance photographer and dance film maker I am working on ENVIRONMENTAL DANCE project that depicts dancers in outdoor locations away from the stage. This exhibition will show in Madras early next year and later travel to various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Holland. Please check out samples of the pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150135760132067.333807.64842017066&type=3

    Would like to have your comments on this project. I would like to connect with dancers (in Chennai and visiting Chennai) if they want to participate in this project. Thanks.

  26. > >
    > >  Namaste 
    > > > I am Shweta Venkatesh , daughter of Sri. Sai Venkatesh and Smt Dr. Suparna Venkatesh. I have been very fortunate to be learning two classical dance forms of our country , Bharatanatyam and Kathak . Blessed to be in a family where my mother is my Guru in Bharatanatyam , and my father is a Technical Director for Dance Performances. And my Kathak Guru is Mysore B Nagaraj . I have been dancing Bharatanatyam since 17 years and Kathak since 7 years . I have completed my Rangapravesha in both the dance styles in the year 2009 and 2013 respectively. I kindly wish you would consider my application and do give me an opportunity to perform in your Festival. It would be an honour for me.Waiting eagerly for your kind reply.
    > > > Regards
    > > > Shweta Venkatesh.

  27. Hello Sangeetha,

    I came across the blog and was delighted to learn tons of work being done with new technologies and Bharatanatyam pedagogy. I am a teacher as well as a performer of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dance styles. Currently I’m pursuing PhD, in Dance studies from York University, Toronto. I have been teaching over skype for the last 5 years and couldn’t agree more with the various articles and links that I came across in your blog. Thanks a ton for all the research that you’ve put in . Its really a great place to read , learn and share. God bless you .
    We need your support to keep up the work and the arts outside India.
    Thank you once again.

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