Leela Samson videos!


I am a big fan of Leela Samson, so when I found via Raj and Ashley about this page where old videos of Leela Samson were available and I was on cloud nine! Thanks Natalie Savelyeva and others in discussion group for uploading these! Enjoy!

Alarippu (Chaturasra jati rupaka talam): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104015640

Varnam (Manavi Chekkona, Shankarabharanam): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104008278


An excerpt from “The Seasons”. Each style represents one of the times of the year (in India distinguish six seasons, as opposed to the middle band). Bharatanatyam associated with heat waves, droughts, powerful exhausting sun. Staging – Leela Samson.


The other videos are already up in Youtube, such as “Sanchari” and the padam “Daari Joochu“.

Other interesting videos

Krishnaveni Lakshmanan (Javali, Khamas): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104811572

Dhananjayans (Dvadasa Stotra): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104838076

Chitra Visweswaranhttp://vk.com/video-1194588_72632121

Panchali Shabatham (Excerpt from Kalakshetra Production): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104799800

Choodamani Pradanam (Excerpt from Kalakshetra Production): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104774430

Excerpt from the documentary on Alarmel Valli (Pravahi maybe?): http://vk.com/video-1194588_104791538

Excerpt from the documentary on Kalakshetrahttp://vk.com/video-1194588_104808157

Kanaka Srinivasan (Ashtapadi): http://vk.com/video-1194588_67279731

There are more on the link: http://vk.com/videos-1194588

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