This page lists the dancers, writers, musicians, musicologists, writers, fellow bloggers and website owners who have graciously shared information and their  writings and articles here.


·         Ajith Bhaskaran Dass

.         Baladevi Chandrasekhar

·         Deepthi Venkatraman (Disciple of Ramya Ramnarayanan)

·         Gyanendra Bajpai

·         Joyce Paul

·         Jayakamala Pandian

·         Kavitha Ramu

·         Lakshmi Iyengar

·         Lakshmi Ramaswamy

·         Malathi Iyengar

·         Manjari Rajendra Kumar

·         Meera Guruvayor

·         Nadarajan Muniandy

·         Navya Natarajan Menon

·         Nrithya Pillai

·         Oxana Banshikova

·         Pooja Kumar

·         Preeti Vasudevan

·         Santosh Kumar Menon

·         Shijith and Parvathy Nambiar

·         Shilpa Krishnan

·         Shruthi and Shalini Srivatsan (Disciples of Gita Umesh, Kenya)

·         Sonali Skandan

·         Uma Sathyanarayanan

·         Vijay Madhavan

I thank the following individuals for sharing their Articles/Concepts with us.

·         Durga Krishnan

·         G.S. Rajan

·         Jagannathan.K.T. and Sudha Jagannathan

·         Rajendra Kumar.R

·         Prince Rama Varma

·         Ramkumar.R

·         Sriram Venkatakrishnan

·         Sumathi Krishnan

I am in the process of linking this to their websites/blogs and hope to accomplish this soon!:)



15 responses to “Support

  1. Dear Sangeetha,
    Namaskaram! I am Geetha. I am an Assistant Professor in UNMC. I have my own dance school in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. The name of my school is GeethaNatya Arts. I have been running the school for past 3 years.
    It was very great to know this site. I appreciate this blog. I am very impressed. It is very interesting. Please include me for any reference.
    You are doing a wonderful job.

    Hi Geetha,
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for your comment.
    Will sure add in your details . Hoping to meet you in person sometime soon!

  2. Hello:

    Could you please help me with any info on Live Webcasts of Shiva Rathri poojas on February 23, 2009. I will be very grateful for the info

    Hello Mr.Sarma,
    I am not sure of this. extremely sorry. You might try a google search with the words, shivarathri, pooja, Feb 2009. It comes up with quite a few lists like this one

    Please sift and identify one that you may like.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Devarajan Sundaravaradan.

    You website is a great resource for Bharatanatya Dancers, connoisseurs and patrons.

    My daughter is learning Bharatanatyam since 2000 with Ramya Ramnarayan, NJ, USA. She is having her arangetrm on July 12th at Music Academy – Mini Hall.
    I have provided the details below:
    Can you add it to your upcoming events:-

    Program: Bharatanatya Arangetram
    Artist/School: Sweta Laxmi Devarajan/Nrityanjali Institute of Dance
    Guru: Kalaimamani, Nadanamamani Smt. Ramya Ramnarayan, NJ, USA.
    Where: Music Academy, Mini Hall
    Date: July 12th 2009 at 6:01 pm
    Details: Chief Guests:
    Padmasri Dr.Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetty,
    Sri A. Natarajan.

    Dear Mr. Devarajan,
    Will sure add it up. Best wishes for your daughter.

  4. Hi!

    Wonderful blog! I am an experienced dancer in Bangalore (student of the Dhananjayans, Savithri Akka) looking for a Guru to learn old/traditional and rare varnams & padams/javalis in Bangalore. Let me know if you know of anyone?


    Hi Tara,
    Will ask my friends from Bangalore for suggestions. Once I get it, I will email you at the ID that you have provided.


    Update: Have emailed you with a few contacts

  5. namaskaram.
    Your site is very useful for music lovers and musicians.
    My daughters, Gomatam Priya sisters are doing musical discourses with accompaniments in and around chennai/india and nepal. If any organisations wants to arrange the programme, we are ready to do. This is for kind information.

    Dear Mrs. Mythili Madhavan,
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Best wishes to you daughters.

  6. Dear Sangeetha,
    This is a wonderful Blog site for serious practitioners , as well as young enthusiasts practicing the divine art of Bharata Natyam. I am Sudha Chandrasekhar of Oak Park, Michigan. I am the senior-most student of the renowned Sri Rajarajeshwari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir based in Mumbai, India. My web site is I left India at the height of my career in January 1967. I was performing in India as Sudha Doraiswamy. My great Gurus are the late Tiruvidaimarudur Bharata Vidwan Shri T.P.Kuppiah Pillai, his son-in-law the late Shri A.T. Govindaraj Pillai, and his wife Smt. G. Karunambal, and sons Shri T.K. Mahalingam Pillai, and Shri K.Kalyanasundaram . My mother Smt. Jaya Doraiswamy was the greatest influence in my life. She taught me to become a devotee of the art form, realise its inner beauty, and content, and share it through performances, research, and teaching to the rest of the world. To me bharata Natyam is my ‘Pathway to Supreme Consciousness”. I have performed all over Canada, USA, and India, in the past 6 decades and am still actively involved in propogatimng the art. To date 81 students have done their Arangetrams and feel enriched with the knowlege they have gained. I have hree daughters Vidya, Anjali, and Anandini , all of whom have greatly contributed to my work by their sincere involvement in it. Vidya is a two time world record holder for solo performanc eof Bharata Natyam for 48 hours, and then 72-Hours. She is an activist in this field and her lectures on dance are widely acclaimed . April 29th is World dance day and I hope the dancers all over the world will celebrate the divine art of Bharata Natyam and other dance forms sharing their deep commitment and love fo it through poerformances, lec-dems, tutorials, dance camps, and the like. Bless you for your efforts. Hope our paths cross sometime in the near future. Greetings to all fellow artists across the globe.

  7. My name is puspa.i found class bharatham for my kids.i’m staying at balakong seri kembangan.pls give me a call or pls sms your num to number .tq

  8. Puspa.. So are you looking for a dance teacher for your kids?

    I dont teach… But may try to help find dance teachers in your area.


  9. Dear Mrs. Sudha,

    I am glad to see your comment here. It is greatto learn abou you and your daughters. Please share your opinions, events and reports with us.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  11. I want to give performances in and around chennai & other parts of Tamil nadu in the music festive seasons so please let me know the procedure to register or to enrol with. Thanks

  12. Thank you Prof. Veera Pandian for the kind words. The musical dimension of Panchakshara is very interesting. Thanks for dropping by and sharing the link with us!

  13. Hi. A full time research engineer by profession, I am a passionate Bharatanatyam dancer from Bangalore, Student of Dr. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar. I completed my ranga pravesham in 1998 and since have been choreographing and performing in my own capacity in India and USA. I am actively looking forward to get back to dancing full time and want a Guru in Bangalore for learning more padams/varnams along with choreography techniques. Could you kindly direct me to someone?

    Rupa Gopinath

  14. Wonderful blog!..
    Myself Hiranya … M learning dance since 2001. Now m pursuing BA in bharatnatyam. I liked your blog very much would love to suggest u if we create an app for bharatnatyam dancers to get connected globally. It will be so easy to know more things from all Gurus and we will come to know if thr are any festivals where we can go and participate in it.
    Seriously I am so desperately waiting.
    Thank you

    *Note: please think on it.

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