The season of awards

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Every year many prestigious awards are presented to artists during the “season”. Organizations based outside Chennai, also have announced awards and meritorious certificates.

The annual attendance awards were presented on 1st December in Bengaluru. These awards were instituted alliance francaise and by the dance historian and writer Ashish Khokar. The list of awardees are:

Ram Gopal Best Male dancer award Dr. Sanjay Shantaram
Mohan Khokar Overall Excellence award Navtej Singh Johar
Uday Shankar Choreography award Syed Sallauddin Pasha
U. S. Krishna Rao-Chandrabhaga Devi Dance Couple award Shridhar and Anuradha
Rukmini Devi Arundale award for significant contribution to Kalakshetra Bani Prof. M. R. Krishnamurthy “Kittusaar”
Attendance Lifetime achievement award Dr. Maya Rao

Talking about these awards, he says

Over the last few years, the release of the yearbook has also been marked with an awards ceremony…I felt that this would be my contribution to Bangalore’s art. There is no one to promote Bangalore artistes

In a more recent news, Hema Malini will be awarded the prestigious Bharat Muni Samman award by Bhubaneswar-based organisation Kalingayana Touryatrikam. According to the news article

The award is to be presented to Hema Malini for her contribution towards promotion of Indian arts and entertainment on December 18, the concluding day of the three-day Bharat Muni Festival…to be held at Rabindra Mandap from December 16 to 18

Congratulations to all the artists!!!


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