Dancers interviews

It is always a refreshing delight to see the main stream media doing regular shows based on art, inclusive of music, dance, and visual arts. We know that NDTV Hindu is one channel that has featured dancers in the episodes called “Unlocking lives”, “we connect”and “off the record”, that have featured V. P. Dhananjayan, Priyadarshini Govind, Alarmel Valli, Leela Samson, and many others.

Apart from this, NewsX also has a separate episode called “Art Talk” that has featured dancers and other artists. Here is a short list (as of the day this post is published) for your weekend/day watch.

Also the “Unlocking lives” segment that discussed Male dancers. More in our previous post

List of “We connect” episodes with dancers

And here is a list of dancers interview in NewsX channel in their episodes of “Art Talk”

Other dancers such as:

Personally, I find the interviewer Jujhar Singh’s (NewsX) weird accent a bit irritating at times! What do you think?

And of course, there is web-based media also, that has a good collection of BN dancers’ interviews. For example, webindia123 has done a commendable job in documenting an artist’s journey in his/her art form.

  • Priyadarshini Govind link
  • Kalakshetra Vilasini link
  • Mythili Prakash link
  • Vasundhara Doraswamy link
  • V. P. Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan link
  • Rama Vaidyanathan link
  • Padma Subramanayam link
  • Malavika Sarukkai link
  • Alarmel Valli link
  • Jyotsna Jagannathan link
  • Priya Venkatraman link
  • Ragamala Dance Company link
  • Kalakshetra Lakshya link
  • Navia Natarajan link
  • Vyjayanthimala Bali link
  • Chitra Vishweshwaran link
  • Savitha Sastri link
  • A Lakshmana Swamy link
  • Kriti Ramgopal Krishna link
  • Lavanya Ananth link
  • Sridhar and Anuradha Sridhar part1, part2
  • Anandha Shankar Jayant link
  • Anita Ratnam link

Of course, this page ( also has other dancers’ interview as well.



  • Kottakal Sivaraman link
  • Kalamandalam Gopi link
  • K. Ramankutty Nair link



  • Bimbavati Devi link
  • Poushali Chatterjee link
  • Singhajit Singh link



  • Ileana Chitaristi link
  • Jhelum Paranjpe link
  • Meera Das link
  • Radhika Jha link
  • Meena Kumari link
  • Ranjana Gauhar link
  • Arushi Mudgal link
  • Kavita Dwibedi link
  • Nandini Ghosal link
  • Sujata Mohapatra and Ratikanth Mohapatra link

and others such as

  • Jayachandran Palazhy link
  • Sunil Kothari link

Now, that IS an exhaustive list to watch. 🙂 As and when new videos are added I will update this list. So, that you all can have all in one place. (Hint: Bookmark it!) My way of watching the interviews is when I have to do some mundane work, I let it play one after another in the background and when something interesting pops out, I pause and rewind it.

Happy watching!!!

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