An introductory book for beginners

Bharatha Natyam, A Basic Study is written by Subashini Pathmanthan for the benefit of non-Tamil speaking students of Sri Lanka. The printing and publishing of this book is sponsored by the India-Sri Lanka foundation.

The author’s personal talent and experience in the field of Bharatha Natyam are apparent in this book of 42 chapters that cover almost all aspects of dance, including its origin and development.

She traces the ancient dance forms such as koothus, modern and ancient works, dance in ancient pun music and devotional music which enable the reader to understand the ancient role of the divine art in society.

The book also includes references to dance found in numerous inscriptions, the relationship of dance with fine arts such as music, ancient pun isai, sculpture, and paintings, choreography in classical Bharatha Natyam, Keerthanams, Padams and Jaavalis. All these aspects clearly indicate how Bharatha Natyam is connected to numerous other aesthetic art forms.

Current and emerging trends in Bharatha Natyam, costumes, styles, accompaniments, stage décor, the impact of technical developments and the influence of Tamil cinema in Bharatha Natyam are also dealt with.

The book examines the relationship of Bharatha Natyam with other classical Indian dance forms and Sri Lankan classical dance forms ( Kandyan dance), and South east Asian dance forms. In these chapters one can understand and trace the origin of all other dance forms which are based on Natya Sastra.

Again these chapters reveal the relationship, similarities, dissimilarities of Bharatha Natyam with other Indian classical dance forms, the Sri Lankan classical dance forms ( Kandyan dance) and South East Asian dance forms.

Further this book deals with the contribution of men towards the development of Bharatha Natyam, and their role in the development of Indian Classical Dances. It also deals with temples, Indian classical dances and royal patronage to Indian classical dances as well as popular Tamil folk dances.


Delving into dance By Vathana Varatharajan published on Aug17th in Sunday Times. 

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