Short story

Happy Vijayadasami to the readers of BN.and.WWW. 🙂

I came across a short story written by Sujatha titled “Arangetram” in Tamizh published in 1978. It is a very poignant story of a young girl learning Bharatanatyam against her wishes. The story touches upon her peer-pressure, life devoid of simple pleasures and ultimately taking a bold step to live a life by her terms. However, Sujatha also depicts the motivations of the mother and her journey within the framework of the society that she grew up in.

If you know how to read Tamizh, I have a hunch that you will like this. 🙂



2 responses to “Short story

  1. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I know many friends who were pushed into learning bharathanatyam because of parental pressure but eventually fell in love with the artform because of its greatness. 🙂 maybe nandhini’s guru did not inspire her enough.

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