Video of the week-K N Dandayudhapani Pillai

Image Courtesy: Not Just Movies

In case one hasn’t noticed not only the late K N Dhandayudhapani Pillai choreographed the dance in the famous film “The River” directed by Jean Renoir, he also featured and sang in it. In this video you can see him just before Radha Brunnier starts to dance the varnam “Karunai Nee Seiya Vendume”

Dr. Uma Anand, KN Dhandhayudhapani Pillai’s daughter, in her book [1] recollects

He has written the words, composed music and melodiously sung two Tamiz songs in the Hollywood English film “The River”. The movie shot in Calcutta was screened in 1951. One of the heroines of the film, his disciple Radha (niece of Rukmini Devi), dances a varnam, composed in Kambothi and choreographed by him. He recites a jati and does nattuvangam for this varnam. Another song composed by him in his favorite raga Kanada, His Younger brother Dakshinamoorthy plays the mridangam in the movie.


1. Natyakala Chakravarthy K. N. Dhandayudapani : Life and Contributions, By Kalaimamani Dr. Uma Anand. 2011

2 responses to “Video of the week-K N Dandayudhapani Pillai

  1. Happy to see this, being coming from. The roots of KND who is My Periappa, great to see his legacy and his works followed by lot of people around the world.

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