Rare videos of Uday Shankar

If you follow British Pathe videos you would have seen this. Also, this is kind of a repost as Minai, the dance detective, had already covered these. Click here to read more. Nevertheless, that they are in YouTube in exceptional resolution, viewing them again is a pleasure. Here is a rare video of Uday Shankar dancing with Simkie in Radha Krishna (1932).

According to Uday Shankar’s biography by Mohan Khokar it lists this performance as

A bucolic dance commemorating the love of Krishna and Radha.

This performance was part of Uday Shankar’s repertoire on his tours. In any case, watch it and enjoy.

The second video is titled “Sinouous Sidelight” (1931), which interestingly is featured in another YT video of Ravi Shankar watching it with his family. Read more about it here

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