Reblog: How not to be a rasika!

Some rasikas of Indian classical dance have habits that don’t die at all. It is like they literally took the James Bond film title “Die Another Day” to the next level of “My Habits while being an Audience will Die Another Day, Not Today!” 🙂

I am really not sure how one could make a better audience/rasika. It is something like a generational attitude change waiting to happen. But, the recent post in Srutimag blog makes me smile and feel sad at the same time. I smiled as I could recollect similar incidents that happened while watching a performance. I felt sad, because aren’t we equally responsible for the event to be successful?

Yes, these days the only place socialize are the auditoriums, thanks to our fast-paced lives. But can we be quiet and not intrude on others when the spotlight is on the dancer?

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