World Dance Day Auditions

If you are in Bangalore/Bengaluru and would like to participate in World Dance Day celebrations, then this is an opportunity for you! Forwarding details from Shri. Ashish Khokar.

When: 8th March 2015

Where: Alliance Francaise, Bengaluru

Time: from 10AM

  1. First come, first auditioned.
  2. Simple class dress and 10 min item max.
  3. Dance GK (general knowledge will be equally important, not just performance).
  4. Panel of four eminent dance seniors will assess and their decision will be final.
  5. Hope you are member of either Alliance Francaise or Dance Historical Society to qualify for auditions. If not fill form.
  6. Please take number token when you come and all cheques fav. attendance.
  7. No family/friends/fans will be allowed in audition hall BUT they are welcome to roam in Alliance Francaise foyer and enjoy a cuppa tea.

Statue of Shiva Nataraja - Lord of Dance at sunlight

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