Workshop on Mohamana Varnam

This seems like a great opportunity for dancers to not miss it. Reblogging this from Sruti Magazine.

Paramparai Foundation will take a small group of dancers, teachers and students of dance to Tirupugalur, a village in Tiruvarur district.  Over ten days in March/April they will explore the dance text, its choreography and especially the world from where this famous the padavarnam emerged.Tiruvarur town, the Kamalalaya temple tank and huge chariot, the many shrines in the Tyagarajaswami temple, its daily and festival worship – form living sources for abhinaya. In performance, dancers evoke these images for the audience.  To see and walk through such manodharma in real time and real space would provide an unique experience and inspiration.This experiment, curated by Saskia Kersenboom, attempts to contextualise the traditional dance repertoire in today’s continuous past. It will draw on related works in poetry, painting, sculpture, music and dance that are seen today in urban venues as well as in temple ritual.  Fieldwork will lead to six  other Tyagaraja shrines in Tiruvarur district.

They form part of local legends on the Tyagaraja cult. During the Pankuni Uttiram festival, Lord Tyagaraja dances his famous ’Ajapa Natanam’. That night he celebrates his reunion with goddess Kamalambika, offering darsan of his left foot: his ‘sakti pada’.

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