Belated Happy Birthday BN&WWW

Dear Readers,

Its seven years!!! Hmm.. I wouldn’t say it is does not feel like seven years.

Today, I look back at the time when I sat in the holiday town of Bandung in West Java, with a snail pace internet connection and dared to even think of blogging. Of course it was intended for a small group of readers at that point. The increasing readership made me learn some SEO optimization tricks. WordPress was (and is) always fantastic, constantly innovating and educating its bloggers. The counter stands at 505,790 today.I have to smile at these memories, my antics …. and can’t help feeling a bit wistful. I even envy my younger self (-7 y), and for the time when I just did what I liked to do and could do all that I liked to do.

I am glad BN&WWW is now like the virtual café with the free wifi for BN enthusiasts around the world. I hope it remains so for many years to come. The ideal was to keep the art above any personal bias and I think we have done that for years.

These days, I am more or less an editor-in-absence who rests peacefully knowing a very capable “Editor” is at the helm of affairs. I put my hands together in anjali hasta (in a “namaste” and in applause) for Dr. Ragothaman’s craft and commitment. I also extend my gratitude to all our contributors and good wishes to the readers.

BN&WWW is a top key word for searches these days..that gives me a lot of pleasure and guilt.People continue their incessant search… and are now also searching for the “nano ballet dancer!!!” The search for the following personalities resulted in the highest number of hits in the past one year.

Shanta Rao
Rukmini Devi Arundale
Mohan Khokar
Malathi Iyengar
Ramya Kadambi
Panickker Girish
Leela Samson
Manaswini Sridhar
Adyar Lakshmanan

With that I borrow someone’s words and say “Let the dance begin!”


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