Teen inspiration!

Since last week, a young girl’s arangetram has gone viral! For all the right reasons!!! Meet the teen Hema Ramaswamy, who has battled the odds.


An inspiration for all the teenagers out there saying that they can achieve if they have the passion and right attitude. Also, due credits should be given to her guru Chitra Venkateswaran!

Ramaswamy, who has Down syndrome, originally began dancing for health reasons. “But then it became part of her, and she really loves and enjoys it, and it took her 13 years with a lot of challenges, midway, to complete this,” explained her father, Ram.

She was able to achieve this despite her diagnosis and despite two major surgeries for a dangerous leak of cerebrospinal fluid. Her father said dance has strengthened Ramaswamy’s muscles and given her fine motor skills she simply didn’t have before.

Read more at National Public Radio (NPR):


Also, see her videos! (Hat-tip: Ramaa Bharadwaj)


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