Important Housekeeping Announcements/ Guidelines for Submission

Dear Readers,

It has been quite a while since we had some housekeeping announcements at BN&WWW. BN&WWW was founded with the sole intention of it being an unbiased platform for all Bharathanatyam rasikas. While we are usually quite “grounded” and don’t always take ourselves too seriously, there a few indisputable minutes of pride when people say nice things. We quote a reader who wrote to us a few months ago “BN&WWW is in a way like The Royal Society for its three main attributes (albeit for BN I Guess). It is truly international, open to all and thrives well (well I am guessing  the reader does see that 6+ years for BN on web is like 150years for Science and Royal Society!).

Seeking Contribution from Readers

This blog is a close-knit society of and for BN Rasikas. And it is your “shares” that has brought across our readers together.

  • BN&WWW is proud to have featured guest contributions and continues to actively seek input from readers.
  • Please feel free to write to us if you have an article/idea/a piece of BN news to share. Let us know if you are looking for opportunities to collaborate with a dancer or would like to post a vacancy for dance opportunities.
  • If there is a program you want to recommend to our readers or share a review or a report on an event you attended, we urge you to do so.

You could share all of this by emailing us at (Replace “at” with @)

Guidelines for Submission, Publication and Sharing… Just a few gentle reminders!

We at BN&WWW understand that sometimes dancers and dance scholars submit to more than one venue for publishing their work. We really encourage that! On the condition that the write-up should be changed/paraphrased properly as this averts any copyright issue.

Policies with respect to Duplicate Publication

Readers sharing opinions, reviews or reports (we are not referring to program/event and product notifications here) are urged to think about “self-plagiarism”. While we do recognize and encourage your passion to share your writing with a wider audience (by sending to more than one venue of publishing), we expect that you would respect the policies of this blog. Much like we have our own policies, the other media outlet(s) that you have chosen to publish the article in question, could also have publishing rules of their own. Flouting them is ethically or morally in-appropriate.

We do make a note of the dates on which the articles were sent to us and the date on which the accepted article is published (it is there for everyone to see on the blog). Therefore, in the event we see an article that we publish getting republished in another online/print media, we might choose to write to the editor of the media and request that a link to our blog be provided as the original source.

In-order for us to prevent duplicate publication, we request authors submitting their work to us, include in their cover email the following statements

  • “I/We declare that this article has not been submitted to another publication (online/print).”
  • I/We wrote this article and do not hold BN&WWW responsible for my/our work/views”.

If you wish to share your articles with other online/ print media, we suggest that you reformat the writing considerably (the match between two versions of your article should be ideally less than 20%. Also do not share the same photos across media). This includes “photoshopping” the same with a different effect.

Sharing Content of the Blog in your own Media

The contents of this blog are protected by Copyscape.  If you do wish to share what is published here in your media (online/print), we request that you link back to this blog as the original source. Citing the original source is the correct way to avoid copyright issues.

Tips and Tricks for Dance Writing

We understand that for some dance writing is not easy, although for some it is second nature. One of BN&WWW’s mission is to encourage dance based writing. So, we want to help you by listing some resources that you can use and benefit.


  1. The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr and E. B. White. You can buy this from or go to this link ( to access each chapter. (
  2. Writing about Dance, by Wendy Oliver. Although written for a western audience, the rules and rubrics are well suited for Indian classical dance as well. The rubrics in this are awesome tools for anyone who wants to seriously start writing about dance. (

Online Resources:

  1. Want to check your grammar questions? Ask the Grammar Monster, who is delightfully helpful. (
  2. Want to make your writing bold and clear? Ask Ernest Hemingway himself! (
  3. Thanks to the National Arts Centre, Canada for bringing this excellent resource on creative writing in Dance. (

With that we leave you to reflect on this famous quote from Voltaire “Let us read and let us dance — two amusements that will never do any harm to the world”. In BN&WWW we do them together…we read about dance!


Editorial Team

Sangeetha S. and Ragothaman Y

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