Celebrating Resonances in Cultural Diversity


Kala Bharati has been part of the Journees de la Culture every year since the Quebec Government initiated this programme. Although we  are not part of the official activities as we did not submit any formal proposal this year,  we are  CelebratingResonances in Cultural Diversity on Friday the 26th September at 8 pm. This will be held in  Le Niketan 3410 A Sherbrooke St East , Montreal.

In our presentation for the evening’s proceedings we have been inspired by Bulaadhar a  painting of a totem pole by Premola Ghose, of India International Centre, Delhi, gifted to Kala Bharati after she visited us this summer. In talking about her creative source (see word document attached)she states: “Bulaadhar is  a direct take off from what I saw in Ottawa, only that the animals on it are from India.”

Totem pole Ottawa museum of civilization

Please join us to learn more about resonances in different cultures on the 26th September. We do look forward to sharing 
the evening with you.

Warm good wishes ,

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