Dancers and their writings

Like dance, writing is also form of expression and creativity. So, it is not surprising that the Tattukazhi wielding hands take to writing as a second nature. In fact, Dancers writing manuals on dance is not new. Starting from Smt. T. Balasaraswati, every dancer has published a book on dance, where some have become standard textbooks for dance. If one glances through the list of books on dance here, you can easily identify the dancer-author. To hear some of these dancer’s motivation behind writing and publishing these dance books, click here for a report from The Hindu.

With more avenues of publishing available, dancers are taking both routes: the traditional and the new age.

Dancers such as Smt. Geeta Chandran and Smt. Aranyani Bhargav have been publishing regular columns in The New Indian Express and The Hindu (Footloose), respectively. There are newer additions of dancers to this list. Since April 2014, Smt. Sonal Mansingh has started writing a regular column in The Asian Age.

Click here to read the columns published in The Asian Age by Smt. Sonal Mansingh. Among the non-traditional route to publish writing is via blogging. A name that pops up is Smt. Swarnamalya, whose The Tales from the Attic blog opens up new and interesting information. Of course, there is the web portal Narthaki, where Dr.Anita Ratnam writes her monthly column.

Another dancer is Smt. Priya Murle. Her new blog is called Priya Sakhi. In this she writes in an informal soul searching manner.

BNandWWW recommends you to read and follow these new writings!

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