Nirbhaya – Multiple Expressions

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You are very well aware 16th December 2012 was a day most of us can never forget. It was a day that shook the nation and a day that became the witness of one of the vehement atrocities in the country. A young girl of 23 was brutally gang raped, tortured, beaten up and then thrown in the middle of the road from a moving bus on a cold winter evening. She ultimately lost her life fighting against all odds. The frightening incident brought immense shame to the nation, however it also purposefully united each individual to fight and pray for this girl. “Nirbhaya” a name given to this martyr, became a symbol of bravery and courage.

To resolve the sensitive issue   Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts together with Creative Mind Publications, NIV Art center is organizing a mega event titled NIRBHAYA – Multiple expressions from 4th to 18st April 2014 at IGNCA by more than 100 artists curated by K.R.Subbanna, eminent artist.  I am sure every sensitive person would like to express solidarity against vehement atrocities. However, this event is not provocative or not politicizing any issue.

This event will be documented in the form of an illustrated catalogue that will give each of the participating artists their own individual space. This documentation would also include the view points from the very eminent art critiques and writers with regard to issue and sentiments of artists’ fraternity.

During this event we would also like to conduct a ‘one day art camp’ for young artists and college students. The aim of this workshop would be to give them a platform to express themselves through the medium of visual art.  In continuation of the event “NIRBHAYA” – Multiple expressions” the exhibition of 50 selected young artists works among the participants of the camp will be held at NIV art center from 25th April to 3rd May 2014.

Taking the same thought forward, we would also like to further initiate a Scholarship/Award  of Rs. 50,000/-  this year to deserving student of M.F.A. so that he/she could achieve their dream which  Nirbhaya never got to fulfill her dream but maybe in her name someone would be able to fulfill.

Therefore I on behalf of the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts together with the Creative Mind Publications and NIV Art center request you to support this mega social event “NIRBHAYA- Multiple expressions” to be held between on 4th to 18th April 2014 at IGNCA.


For NIRBHAYA-Multiple expressions



(M) 09818762795



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