Summer Arts Intensive – Dance 2014

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A 7-day Bharatanatyam residential training in the spiritual serenity of an arts-ashram in India.
Designed & Conducted by
Ramaa Bharadvaj, Director (Dance), Chinmaya Naada Bindu
Dynamics of Rhythm
* Meters, accents, pauses & layering of rhythmic subtleties
* Musicality & expressive nuances in rhythmic phrases
* Approaches to choreographing a concept
* Techniques for effective practice sessions
* Intensive will culminate in students learning a choreographed dance
Also: 6 hours of training a day – Music meditations – Temple ceremonies – Video screenings & discussions – Lecture-concerts – Final showcase performance
Eligibility: 5+ years of dance training
Enrollment limited to 15 students
Donation: Rs. 6650 / US $220 or equivalent
Registration Deadline: May 15, 2014
For further details:
with a CC to
+91 9689889153 / 020-22960171

2 responses to “Summer Arts Intensive – Dance 2014

  1. Good day *ragothamanyennamalli *

    Natyacharya’s school of Music and Dance offer new courses for in Bharatha natyam Summer crash Courses 2014 Vocal, Bharatha natyam and All Musical Instruments Guruji Natyacharya Sri S Balachandra Raju is an expert Classical Dance teacher and Musicologist. Guruji wrote 98 Music and Dance Books so far. Guruji Natyacharya’s 96th, 97th and 98th Books recently released by His Excelency Dr K. Rosaiah, Tamil Nadu Governor.

    Guruji Natyacharya Sri S Balachandra Raju is one of the best Music and Dance Teacher and Director. Guruji is the author of 98 Music / Dance and Devotional books. guruji’s books shows a clear path from basic to higher study’s in both Music and Bharatha natyam fields. Classes offere for Vocal, Bharatha Natyam, Violin, Veena, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Mrudangam, Tabla, Harmonica, Sithar, Music composing

    We invite one and all for Special summer classes of Guruji Natyacharya’s School of Music and Dance. 45 days and 60 days Crash courses are commence from April 14th and May 1st. Classes are individual and Group method are available.


    1. Individual Bharatha Natyam Classes 2. Group Bharatha Natyam Classes 3. Art of Dance Composing technique 4. Diploma Examination in Bharatha Natyam 5. Nattuvangam course. 6. Bhatha’s Natya Sasthra and Research study about Bharatha Natyam 7. Online classes in nattuvangam and Bharatha atyam. 8. Dance Choreography for Dance Dramas, Music composing and Lyrics writing for Dance Dramas 9. Bharatha natyam Therapy 10. Oriental Dance forms and Chithira nartanam (Drawing Dance)

    Nattuvangam and Bharatha natyam classes in Chennai

    1. Best methodology 2. Systematic and traditional method of lessons 3. Training in Adavu and Cholkattus 4. Jathi rendering 5. Theory of nattuvangam 6. Natana mudras. 7. Important technique and singing methods for stage 8. Orchestra choreography for stage 9. calcutions for Dance movements

    Guruji’s New introduction to Indian Dance world is D.M.T. (Dance Movements Therapy) A Book is going to released about this subject on may 16th of 2014. Special courses are available for Dance Movements Therapy (D.M.T )

    Guruji’s Special Course Nattuvangam is followed by many dance teachers from all over the world Nattuvanga Saram book in Tamil is a proper guide to all dance teachers and Dancers explaining nook and corner of the technical studies from the preliminary to recording Jathis and composing jathis method. This books is coming in Telugu with the additional information for Kuchupudi style methodology and in English with both Bharatha natyam and Kuchupudi style in the month of May

    Guruji’s Taantric Sikithsa is very familier and it was telecast as a teleserial in Sun net work as Rudra veena some six years back (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada ) channels.

    the same Taantrik Gandarva Sikithsa Nadha C.D is going to released On June Month. To promote young Dancer and Dance teacher Guruji Taking special Classes about Nattuvangam as a 100 Hour courses and Guruji’s Special training for dance teachers and Talended Dancers Certificate courses ”Nattuvaanga Natana Kalaimani” course.

    Blessings from Guruji Natyacharya Sri S Balachandra Raju

    Founder and Principal of Natyacharya’s School of Music and Dance Music and Dance Teacher / Director. MUsicologist author of 98 Music and Dance Books / 38 Devotional Albums Kanchi Kamakoti Peeta Asthana Viewan

  2. Myself S.Swapna i finish my diploma in dance and nattuvagam in tamilnadu gov music college of chennai, i have started my dance at the age of 3 year, i willing to join in chithira natyam (drawing dance). I living in Coimbatore i requesting u to pls help me.

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