Purush Perspectives 4: Learning Bharathanatyam in Adyar – boon or bane?

Need a good read for the weekend? Read this blogger’s perspectives about Banis in Bharatanatyam. I enjoyed reading it. Also, check out the other perspectives on Purush: The Global Dancing Male conference in the previous blogposts in Nandavana Dance blog.

Nandavana Dance

When Lakshmi Vishwanathan talked of the Adyar army on stage at the Purush Festival, referring to gurus C.V. Chandrashekar, Balagopal, Janardhanan, Adyar Lakshmanan and V.P. Dhananjayan she could have easily been making the case for Madras-20 postcode to be designated a UNESCO intangible cultural space!

DSC02850 Gurus C.V Chandrashekar and V.P Dhananjayan

DSC02852 Gurus Balagopal and Janardhanan

DSC02873 Guru Lakshmi Vishwanathan

Throw in the female Gurus that abound in a two-mile radius around Kalakshetra, and it is obvious Rukmini Devi’s tree had borne fruit well, and in close quarters. It was a stellar gathering on stage! It was unprecedented to have so many male gurus on one stage – Guru Lakshminarayanan, Guru Kalyanasundaram, Guru Herambanathan, Roja Kannan (representing Guru Adyar Lakshmanan), Guru C.V.Chandrashekaran, Guru Dhananjayan, Guru Guru Janardhanan, Guru Janardhanan, Guru Narasimhachari, Guru Ramli Ibrahim and writer Sunil Khokkar. And for some of them to talk about the complex subject of style/tradition…

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