Interview of Hari Prasad

Reblogging from Sruti’s blog

K. Hari Prasad: Music for Classical Dance by Anjana Anand

Some nuggets:

Dancers are searching for new ways to make their presentation attractive musically. I have my doubts about whether this is good. We don’t need to move away from our classical roots to appeal to audiences. This is something we need to address collectively. It is not just the dancers who are responsible for this trend. Musicians are contributing to it by taking this short cut. For example, to create a feeling of veeram, one can do it by choosing a raga and suitable sangatis to create the effect. (Hariprasad demonstrates Athana raga for a viruttam on Siva).

Just because the dancer is emoting a situation of pathos, why should the singer also cry? Any situation can be created using raga bhava and not false dramatic modulation of voice. This is a result of dancers and musicians not equipping themselves musically.
It is not just a question of having a good voice and learning songs from cassettes. To add depth to a Bharatanatyam performance, you have to bring your musical sensibility to the stage. If not, the magic will never happen.

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