Scooping it and using Tumbl(e)r

Happy New Year to the readers of BNandWWW. Sometimes, ideas and thoughts overflow and frequently snippets of news or information that comes across does not warrant a blogpost. Thinking about them the questions came to my mind were “What do you do with those? What if one forgets where to look them up in the future?”. Thus were born the sister links of BNandWWW that double up as content-curation tools. Thanks to Minai for motivating us take this exciting step!

scoop_tumblr handle

Tumblr handle

If you are using tumblr or scoop do follow (suggest other tumblrs for us to follow) or join the community. 🙂 Meanwhile, read the posts while having filter kaapi with a Tumbl(e)r-Davara!

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


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