Sruti & Apsaras Arts – Nritya Samrachana – Lec Dem on Dance Design

Inviting all Dancers to an unique event created for practitioners of Indian Classical Dance. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to hear from dance legends and leading artistes as they share their own experiences thru demonstrations. 

Focusing on 
Day 1 (16th Dec) : Solo Format – Composing and Innovations on Margam, Features of a Sampradaya Varnam and the Importance of Scripting

Day 2 (17th Dec): Group Choreography – Rhythm Play in Choreography, Facets of Group Choreography and Composing Music for Dance 

Day 3 (18th Dec) : Collaborations – Challenges in Collaborations, Sets, Lights and Dance Designs and a concluding panel on Dance and the Media. 

Nritya Samrachana is joinly organised by Sruti Foundation, Chennnai and Apsaras Arts, Singapore. Looking forward to welcoming all Dancers on December 16th, 17th and 18th.

Venue : Tattvaloka Auditorium, No76, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600 018 Tamilnadu, India.

For more info see FaceBook Event :


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