Salangai Pooja on the Occassion of Rambha Tritiyai at Gathyayani Amman Koil kuntrathur Chennai


Pandit K.Kumar Sivachariar,

Priest,Devi Sree Gathyayani Amman Koil, Kuntrathur,

Thirunirmalai Road, Chennai.600 069.

Ph: 09176539026.

Shares the following information with us:

 “Rambha observed fasting  as per the Upadesh from Devendran, on this occasion of Rambha tritiyai, to regain her stature as a celestial dancer from Gowri Sree Gatyayani Devi.

Devi Sree Gathyayani Amman Koil will observe Rambha Tritiyai on Thursday, Dec 5th, 2013. In association with celebrating the same Special Prayers and Bharathantya Salangai Pooja will be held at the temple premises on Dec 4th and 5th.

All are welcome to witness and participate the festivities. ”

Kindly contact Pandit K.Kumar Sivachariar for further details.

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