BN&WWW has been around for Six Years Now

This has been an eventful year for me. I am glad that most of it was a “positive learning experience”.  Now when I sit back and reflect, I realize that this blog has surpassed all expectations I had for it. I had underestimated the love for BN and the power of the WWW. And so BN&WWW sees yet another birthday. BN&WWW is now a gift, treasure, reference and hobby all at once.

BN&WWW owes its survival and growth to Dr. Ragothaman Yenamalli, editor of BN&WWW (RY, it will be cool to insert a passport size photo of yours here, what do you think?). He has enthralled all of us readers with his dedicated research on many aspects related to BN. His interest and commitment rekindle flames of BN passion in those who thought they had long lost it.

I thank Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak , Madhana Raghavan, Soumya, and Subhalakshmi for having shared their ideas, helped us identify topics of interest, evaluate problem posts and comments if any.

Now for the annual statistics.

Today, the stats counter reads- 423,011 hits. The blog has 287 followers.

Top Searches, other than the predictable Bharathanatyam/Bharatham for this year include (Let me warn you ahead, nothing that piques our interest (predictable boring ones… hmmm, skip to the next section if you will)

  • devadasi/nautch girl photos
  • nattuvangam
  • shabdam
  • padam
  • chidambaram natyanjali 2013
  • varnam
  • bharatham icon
  •  vintage jewelry
  • ganesha Kavutuvam
  • Abhinayadarpanam

I owe the readers some kind of in-depth analysis on the above terms. But then, I am baffled! What is this “Bharatham icon”? A new TV show or something?  While we wait for someone to enlighten us on that, let me provide you some quick info. This year, more people landed on this blog while searching for devadasi rather than using BN/ Bharatham as keywords. There you go…we are into serious business these days.

And then this is a moment of pride. BN & WWW is now among the top query words/phrases!!! It ranks eleventh in terms of its number of occurrences as a search-term. Finally the world lands on this blog while searching for it.

The search for the following personalities brought readers to this blog (I limit it to the top 10). We do see some regulars here.

  1. Mythili Prakash
  2. Shanta Rao
  3. Priyadarshini Govind
  4. K.J.Sarasa
  5. Kamala Lakshman
  6. Ajith Bhaskaran Dass
  7. Bhavajan Kumar
  8. Malathi Iyengar
  9. Padmini Ramachandran
  10. Rukmini Devi Arundale

A million thanks to WORDPRESS for literally giving BN a free platform on the WWW.

Thank you readers for your support. Your emails, comments , shoutouts etc are so refreshing. BN&WWW has brought us in touch with temple priests, dancers, teachers, scientists, organizers, writers, students, rasikas and occasional pranksters. And each communiqué is unique and exciting and keeps us going. We are waiting to hear from you.

Once again, the team at BN&WWW invites all BN lovers to share their thoughts and ideas with us at Replace “at” in the above email id with @.

Authors please feel free to email us your reviews/reports/event announcements or anything BN-related. We will be so happy to provide a space for your original thoughts.  And readers if you do re-blog or post an article from BN&WWW, please don’t forget to give us a tiny mention.

From all of us busy-bodies at the front and back end of BN&WWW, “Have a wonderful year”.

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