Watch MARA Webcast/Recorded Video

9472503_origIf you were not in Los Angeles to see the performance of Mythili Prakash, APE and Sakthi Dance Company’s “Mara”, then look no more than the recorded telecast of the performance in Los Angeles TV Channel 36 or LA36. Thanks to Madhana Raghavan for sharing this information with us.

LA36 will be broadcasting MARA and will be available to view world wide on these days below.
Please check in and please send us your feed back!!! Mara ( was presented to a sold out house in Los Angeles on Sept 21 2013.

Tell your friends and family to check in and watch as well!!!
It streams online here below:

The show can only be seen at the following times (PST – USA)

MARA – the masterMIND behind it all…

For those in India: Use this table below to tune in

Pacific Standard Time USA Indian Standard Time
November 3rd 2013     6:00PM November 4th 2013       7:30AM
November 6th 2013     1:30PM November 7th 2013       3:00AM
November 6th 2013     9:30PM November 7th 2013      11:00AM
November 10th 2013   7:30PM November 11th 2013      9:00AM

Here is the Promo video uploaded to YouTube.



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