Madhavi Mudgal and Leela Samson at Asia Society – Recorded Video


Image Courtesy: Elsa Ruiz, © Asia Society NYC

OK. You saw it here first! 🙂

On October 1st, two days ago, Madhavi Mudgal and  Leela Samson gave performances at the Asia Society at New York City. They both presented two compositions, each.

This program was part of the Anubhav series, the main purpose of which is to experience various dance forms through lecture/demonstrations, workshops and dialogues by legendary dance personalities from India. (Anubhav means “an experience” in Hindi.) Co-presented by Asia Society, Trinayan Dance Theater and Prashant Shah

Going first, Madhavi Mudgal presented a Pallavi (pure nritta piece) and the Ashtapathi “Madhave Ma Kuru Manini“, and Leela Samson continued the Ashtapathi theme by performing to “Viharati Vane Radha“, followed by the Kalabhairava Ashtakam.

UPDATE: The video on the Asia Society website is a edited one. So, the following information has become outdated.

Here are the time stamps –

02:36 – Pallavi by Madhavi Mudgal

16:06 – Ashtapathi “Madhave Ma Kuru Manini” by Madhavi Mudgal

28:02 – “Viharati Vane Radha” by Leela Samson

41:10 – Kalabhairava Ashtakam by Leela Samson

After this there is a short Q and A session, moderated by dancer Rajika Puri.

55:48The Q and A session starts with discussion on Ashtapathi of Jayadeva, which leads to the “Inward looking” of Indian classical dance. Then the discussion touches upon dance music, and then on to dancers and age. Answering to a Q from the audience about adbhuta rasa, Madhavi Mudgal jokes “Isn’t is adbhuta that we are still dancing!!!”

Anyway, enjoy the edited recorded video of this performance and the discussion after that. 🙂


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One response to “Madhavi Mudgal and Leela Samson at Asia Society – Recorded Video

  1. Slightly disappointed that Madhavi and Leela choose not to perform a duet together. Would’ve been interesting to see a Jugalbandi of Odissi and Bharatanatyam, especially since both artists are exceptional choreographers.

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