Winter Arts Intensive – Dance 2013

Abhinaya & Improvisation
(Abhi = towards, Naya = lead)
A 7-day Bharatanatyam residential training in the spiritual serenity of an arts-ashram in India

Designed & Conducted by
Ramaa Bharadvaj, Director (Dance), Chinmaya Naada Bindu
Registration deadline: November 23, 2013

Abhinaya – the powerful communication system of dance – is both complex yet utterly natural. This Dance-Intensive’s pedagogy guides you systematically for an in-depth exploration of Abhinaya’s theoretical & practical dimensions through:

* Rasa Shaastra
* Creating a dance
* Concept development with symbolic, mythological & spiritual significance
* Etymological & poetic analyzing of lyrics & their application
* Layering of musical nuances & rhythms
* Creating images – techniques & exercises
* Emotive & characterization methods
* Guest lectures

* 6 hours of intense training a day * Meditation
* Breath-exercises * Body conditioning
* Discourses & temple ceremonies
* Video screenings & discussions * Twilight lecture-concerts
* Final performance

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