Recorded Webcast of Paati Sonna Kathaigal

Paati sonna kathaigal

Dancer Shobana Balachandra’s production “Paati Sonna Kathaigal” is available as a recorded webcast in Kalakendra.

Click HERE to watch

Read The Hindu report on this production HERE

‘Paatti Sonna Kathaigal’ will be presented by a 35-member troupe that will take up three stories that have messages or morals for children subtly woven into them.

I hardly see children spending time with their grandmothers and patiently listening to stories, while much of the elders’ time is taken away by TV serials. I have grown up on grandma stories, tales that are embedded in my mind. ‘Paatti Sonna Kathaigal’ is an effort to recreate the images of an era gone by…


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