Bharatanatyam animated!

Nope, this is not about an animation movie about Bharatanatyam. It is pure emotions! Raw and crude to the core!

Did that make you curious? Good, cos it is about animated GIF’s (pronounced as jif) and how it can be used in the world of BN. None of the images used have any BN dancers, but the emotions it carries is universal.

Among the nava-rasas, it is said that Hasya is the most difficult to perform. Hence it is a delight to see hasyam on stage. In recent years, dancers have concentrated more on being angry at the lover, soaking in devotion, etc…and it gets rarer to see a dancer evoking laughter amongst the rasikas. I think, from time to time we all need a dose of good humor and the best one to find is in animated GIFs. Tumblr has tons of it. The ones I thought could be used in the world of BN are for your enjoyment. Were you able to relate to some? or at least laugh at it? 🙂

Pep talk minutes before the arangetram

In response to the pep talk

Arangetram: What others perceive

Arangetram: How you feel inside

Arangetram: Expectation in mind

Arangetram: Reality after watching the video

What dancers tell to others when they did not understand why they dance

Guru to student: Are you sleeping in the class, sitting next to me while watching your classmates dance?

Why do we need to do some research on dance and its history!

Guru to student:  Who missed the talam on stage?

Some Seniors to Juniors!

(ok, that was taking poetic liberty to the extreme)

Some thematic dance concerts explained by a rasika to others

I am sure this happens very rarely, still some just don’t get it.

BN Rasika: Did I just see something weird happening on the stage?

When the guru adds one more jathi korvai in the already exhausting varnam

How my mind reacts listening to my favorite BN song while working in the office

When someone writes about my dance in glowing terms!

When someone criticizes, in not so glowing terms

When someone wakes me after a long tiring rehearsal

BN rasika at an abroad venue watching a dance program with westerners and can’t let go the habit of applauding after every jathi

When a new dance student is standing on your spot in class

To those who said “you can’t achieve this”

Seeing a famous dancer at a non-dance venue or in a casual wear

Trying to explain the difference between jathi and jaathi to a newbie

How people react to something written supposedly blasphemous

When you quote a term from Natyashastra, which unfortunately others are not so familiar about

Seeing photographs of a recital that happened just 3 years ago.

When the guru checks before the dance recital and you are prim and proper

When some stranger talks about your dance in front of you

When a dancer is in the midst of non-dancers who talk non-dance stuff

What you say to yourself when you get the jathi right the first time

The secret behind a successful dance recital

When being a full time professional dancer doesn’t work out, hypothetically

Winning dance competitions

Cooling off after a program

What one tells to oneself before understanding the nayika’s situation in a padam

How life in general treats you

ok, the last one was harsh but true! 🙂

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