World Dance Day 2013


Image Courtesy: JP Lew, Flickr.
Reproduced under Creative Common licence

April 29th, 2013 is the International Dance Day! What are your plans for the day or the week?

23 April: Rasikas in Mumbai could go to the dance drama organized by Lata Surendra. Click here

27 – 28 April: Rasikas in Delhi could attend the two-day event at India International Center organized by Natya Vriksha featuring Bharatanatyam, Sattriya, Kuttiyatam, and Kathak. This annual event features a talk by Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan this year titled “What is classical anymore?”. Very interesting and relevant topic, indeed!  Details of Day 1 and Day 2

28 – 29 April: Rasikas in Bengaluru could attend the two day World Dance Day event organized by Sai Arts International

UPDATE: 28 April – Rasikas in Bengaluru can also enjoy the annual World Dance Day event organized by Ashish Khokar and Alliance Francaise (See full day event here)

Don’t know if anything is happening in your city that day? Thanks to Google. Make an alert.

Still nothing happening? No worries. Here are some options to do according to the International Dance Council

1.  Performances
Stage a performance, not the same as you would have presented another day, but a different one. Change the content of the performence, or the venue, or the way you advertise it, or the persons who execute it.

2.  Classes
Teach in a different way: hold non-stop open-door classes, teach to new people (very young, very old, impaired, passers-by etc.), in new locations (kindergarten, supermarket, factory, prison, hospital, ship, barracks etc.).

3.  Lectures
Explain dance: people are used to watching dance or dancing themselves, but they very rarely think of dance. Speak to them about it, or invite speakers from various areas (historians, writers, journalists, painters, musicians, politicians, religious etc.) to speak about dance.

4.  Exhibitions
You can exhibit collections of costumes, photographs, accessories, postcards, postage stamps, posters, books etc.

5.  Articles
Write an article and send it for publication to a magazine or a newspaper. Ask a journalist to write an article with you, presenting your work and your ideas.

6.  Programs
Cooperate with a TV or radio station to produce a program.

7.  Parades
Parades are very popular and mobilize crowds to watch. There are of three kinds: a) Ensembles advance more or less continuously while dancing. b) They dance for a few minutes, then they advance all together, then they dance again, c) They dance on platforms drawn by cars. Sections of the CID cooperate with municipalities to organize parades or other events.

8.  Decorations
Public places are decorated around the theme of dance. Private places too, such as shop windows or building fronts – you can ask shop owners to take part in a competition for the best decoration.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in your dancing mode! 🙂


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