When Sudharani Raghupathy acted in a movie

Kanavu Meipada Vendum Image Courtesy: http://ttsnapshot.com/show.php/57989_kmv4.jpg.html

Kanavu Meipada Vendum Image Courtesy: http://ttsnapshot.com/show.php/57989_kmv4.jpg.html

I am kind of stealing my previous blogpost‘s title for this. 🙂 After reading this post’s title, if the movie name came to your mind was “7aum arivu”, then I guess you need to add one more to the list of movies she has acted in. Coincidentally, her role in this “seventh sense” movie made no sense for one reviewer. Malathi Rangarajan writes

Why is the Bharatanatyam exponent Sudharani Raghupathy made to play a mere supernumerary? Abhinaya is another talent in a blink-and-miss appearance! Unfair, Mr. Murugadoss!

However, in another movie she shared the screen for longer time and in an more appropriate role. It is the 2003, Ramya Krishnan starrer “Kananvu Mei Padavendum” movie I am talking about. It was in this movie that Sudharani Raghupathy plays the role of an elder Devadasi. Currently, almost all Tamil movies are available in YouTube to see (with all copyright violations), so it is a big letdown to not able to find this one online. 😦

There is one low resolution video available where all the trailers of this movie has been compiled and one could see the places she graces the screen during the dedication scene of the devadasi. Scroll to timestamps 1:36 (for a closeup shot), 1:49 (in the blue saree).

Set in 1940’s, the movie is about a Devadasi leaving the temple to act in movies. The dance choreography is by Radhika Shurajit.

Ramya Krishnan plays the role of a devadasi in the film set sometime in 1940s. She leaves her son behind in the village to proceed to Chennai to try out her luck in tinsel world which she feels is her only scope to earn her living.

In a recent conversation with the musicologist Dr. B. M. Sundaram the following tidbit came up. The role of the “mama” aka the pimp was originally planned for Naaser.

When I asked Sudharani to do her the elder devadasi role, she said “You also must act”. So, I had to act as the drama artist (the mama role). Naseer should have done that role. He met with an accident on that day. So, I had to act.

Incidentally, scroll to timestamp 3:45 and you would see B. M. Sundaram in a black wig and convincing the devadasi (Ramya Krishnan) to come to Madras and act in movies.

I think most of us know who Dr. B. M. Sundaram is. For those who don’t know, he is a famous musicologist, research scholar in music and dance and has written numerous books, including the “Marabu Thanda Manikkangal” (on devadasis) and “Marabuvali Pratapa Perarasaangal” (on nattuvanaars). He writes regularly in The Hindu and other publications.


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