My name is Pi

How many of you readers, have seen the “Life of Pi” by Ang Lee? If not, there are two reasons why you should watch it. One, for its amazing cinematography and a strong storyline. Second, to watch three Bharatanatyam dancers in the silver screen. Yup, that’s right, three of them.

Shravanthi Sainath – plays “Anandhi” the love interest of Pi. See her at timestamp 1:32

Two years ago, they were searching for a classical dancer in Chennai….Ang Lee is a simple person. He had done in-depth study about classical dance and knew about mudras and movements….Bharatanatyam dancer Sreejit Krishna, has choreographed the dance she has performed in the film

Padmini Ramachandran – plays the role of the dance teacher in the class where “Anandhi” learns dance and Pi plays the mridangam

Padmini re-enacted her real-life role as a dance instructor, where young Pi meets his first love, Anandi….Padmini went to meet the casting director complete with her cymbals….I went to Taiwan for the preliminary rendition and the music director found my cymbals to be jarring. So they asked me if they were really necessary. I had to tell them that I cannot conduct lessons without it and it’s a part of the tradition. Finally, they plastered the cymbals to reduce its volume

Finally, Mythili Prakash – plays the role of Pi’s wife. She comes in only for two-three seconds, just before the closing credits.

I am glad that I could become part of a film directed by the man who gave us Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. My role has an element of surprise, so I cannot talk about it in detail. I would like to do more films, as watching movies is something that I enjoy a great deal.

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