Dance Talk- Arattarangetram

Here’s something that readers of this blog will enjoy…
Arrattarengetram was started by four natya-enthusiasts (Subha, Raghu, Raj and Madhana) as a monthly video blog.  Followers of this blog will recognize Subhha, Raghu and Madhana.
Their video, available in YouTube  highlights current topics in classical dance forms of India focussing on, but not limited to, Bharatanatyam. The format of the video is in small segments. In addition to exploring history of dance, reviewing video performances, and focusing on allied arts/artists, they also want to open up honest, young and fresh discussions on this subject from the perspective of future generation of the art. This is an honest attempt to encourage youngsters to turn towards art as well as to analyze it with a critical eye. And most of all, just make discussion forums fun, easier to watch and technology friendly. It is a laudable effort I must say and I am sure you will agree.
They had invited me to hangout with them for an episode and it was pure fun. Infotainment for Bharathanatyam lovers.. Please join me in wishing them the best.
Some of the topics  covered in their earlier posts are as follows:
Madhana’s segment, discussing Sudharani Raghupathy’s youtube video. Kshetrayya padam “Evvade” in Shankarabharanam, Mishra Chapu
Raghu’s segment, discussing “Ten things about Bharatasenapatiyam”
Subha’s segment, discussing “Current generation of dancers vs. older dancers”
Second Episode: Special Guest – Kishore Mosalikanti
Madhana’s segment, discussing Krishna Parijatham
Raghu’s segment, discussing “Pallava sculptures in dance”
Subha’s segment, discussing “Recording practices of live performances by audiences.”
Third Episode: Special Guest – Dr. Joyce Paul Poursabahian
Madhana’s segment, discussing excerpts from the documentary “Sanchari” on Leela Samson by Arun Khopkar
Raghu’s segment, discussing “Dance notations in 4th century”
Subha’s segment, Rapid Fire round and discussing “Do we need an Arangetram? What does it stand as of today?”
Fourth Episode: Special Guest –  Sangeetha Shyam
Madhana’s segment, discussing excerpts from the documentary “Bala” on T. Balasaraswati by Satyajit Ray
Raghu’s segment, discussing “Devadasi Dance from Baroda, 1930’s”
Subha’s segment, Rapid Fire round and discussing “Ideal/Best diet for a dancer and should dancers watch their weight”
Each blog post and video is annotated so as the viewer can jump the relevant/favorite sections.
Hangout with us in google hangout and join our discussions. All discussions will be recorded/streamed live on youtube and available later for comments and more discussions. 
Everyone welcome to join the google hangout. (

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