6th Delhi International Arts Festival

Delhi International Arts Festival

Prasiddha Foundation along with Indian Council of Cultural Relations, and other sponsors are organizing the 6th Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF). Pratibha Prahlad, who heads the Prasiddha Foundation, has made DIAF an annual event with participation from 30 countries and from India that is multi-arts (classical dance, music, theatre, cuisine, art exhibitions, etc.) and multi venue (events organized over 45 venues), making the arts accessible to the public.

The events are held from 27th October till 10th November 2012 and entry is FREE.

Read news article about how DIAF managed this year’s event with low funding: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/delhi-international-arts-fest-rich-in-culture-low-on-cash/295780-75.html

DIAF website: www.diaf.in

DIAF Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delhi-International-Arts-Festival/112910635472726?ref=ts&fref=ts

The following performances are part of the global festival (Check www.diaf.in for changes in timings and venue). Scroll down to see the entire list of events.

Date Venue Time
Event Title/Country or City/Artist
28th October Kamani 7PM Mantra – Prasiddha Dance Repertory/ Bengaluru/Flamenco & Kathakali/ The Killing of Dussana/ Spain
29th October Karnataka Sangha 7PM Prasiddha Dance Repertory/ Bengaluru/ Artistic Dir: Prathibha Prahlad
30th October Kamani 7PM Scottish Dance Theatre/UK/Liv Lorent
3rd November Siri Fort 7PM Flamenco/Spain/Eva Yerebeuna
5thNovember Shriram Centre 7PM Navarasa/Hyderabad/Anandha Shankar Jayant
Select City Walk 6PM Rajasthani Folk/Jaisalmer/Arba Music-Immamuddin Khan
6th November Shriram Centre 7PM Contemporary Dance/Tao-Te
IHC Amphitheatre 7PM Rajasthani Folk/Jaisalmer/Arba Music-Immamuddin Khan
Epicentre 7PM Bhakti/Bengaluru/Sathyanarayan Raju
Azad Bhavan 7PM Kathak/Delhi/Rani KhanamBharatanatyam/Chennai/Lakshmi VishwanathanOdissi/Jhelum Paranjape/Mumbai
7th November Azad Bhavan 7PM Kuchipudi/Delhi/Vanashree Rao
8thNovember Shriram Centre 7PM Kaala-Time Bound/Odissi/Ileana Citaristi
Azad Bhavan 7PM Odissi/Delhi/Kiran Sehgal
Azad Bhavan 7PM Bharatanatyam/Mumbai/Sandhya Pureccha
9th November Azad Bhavan 7PM Bharatanatyam/Chennai/Revathi Ramachandran
Kathak/Delhi/Saswati Sen
10th November IHC Amphitheatre 7PM Odissi/Kolkata/Sunanda Banerjee
Bharatanatyam/Delhi/Kanaka Sudhakar
Bharatanatyam/Malaysia/Nritya Kalanjali group
Purana Qila 6PM Maya Dance Theatre/Singapore

DIAF Calendar 2012 (Click on image for full size)

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