The critical outside eye

Critical Outside Eye

Every dancer probably has a mentor, not always the guru, who can be the critical eye for the dancer, before a performance. Right from checking the movements translating the ideas, to lighting, costumes, etc. Their view/opinion/thought’s intention is to make the performance better.

Read the article that came in last week’s The Hindu by Aranyani Bhargav.

Here are some views about having a critical outside eye:

It can definitely be very helpful as long as they are receptive to it. Art is very personal, so its sometimes hard for artists to really take constructive criticism because its internalized immediately.


The person providing inputs should be a sensible one. The dancer should use his/her discretion in accepting the suggestions provided. There is no clear cut boundary as to how much should be shown. Depends on how much the dancer values his/her opinion, how minor the suggestions are, how easy it is to change and all…


of course u shud have a critical eye. Firstly from within. I dont know about getting feedback from another dancer when its your production. its not science. There is no right or wrong answer here. Its all about your judgement and thats why every artist is unique.

What do you think? Having a critical eye before a performance is good, ok, or a must? Let us know.


One response to “The critical outside eye

  1. Being open to feedback, I think, is very valuable, while remembering that the artist herself/himself must make the final call, relying on the connection within 🙂 But I also think that the way in which someone gives feedback is as crucial. Uninvited feedback can do damage rather than support.

    Completely agree with you.

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