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Interesting read for the week:

Classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak, and folk dances such as Bhangra, each have their own unique styles, but they often share signs and meanings that are combined to create modern Bollywood dances.

Here, dancers and choreographers Shakti Mohan, Honey Kalaria and Anjali Mehta explain the basics.

Image Courtesy: BBC

The bounce that dancers often perform in Bollywood dance routines is referred to in English as the chicken step, which can be seen in this YouTube clip.

Didnt know that it was called the chicken step.

Traditional dances are very much about the gods and deities, and the sun and the moon reflect that. They are a thank you, or a tribute to them.

I thought they represented the surya and chandra naadi in the human body. 

A modern take on the costume. I love the juxtaposition of symmetry with asymmetry…

Image courtesy: BBC

“Many of the poses in Indian dance are inspired by this [Natraj] image, with its up-turned hand and elegant fingers, bent knee and raised left leg.”

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