Ajith Bhaskaran Dass and Nadarajan Muniandy’s “Bhumi Pranam” Premieres in KL

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Bhumi Pranam- Press Release

“Matha Bhumih Putroham Pritviyah” – Earth is my Mother ; I am her son

Bhumi Pranaam celebrates our planet earth as the steadfast Mother who bears us upon her head.  We dig deep into her bosom, we level her mountains and trees, we extract her water and minerals and yet she punishes us not, but continues to gift us with bountiful life.  So, it is this Mother that we salute through her many manifestations using the medium of art, Bharatha Natyam.

Although ecology is claimed to be a modern concept,the best tribute ever paid to the environment is found in the Atharva Veda,with 63 verses “Prithvi Sukta”or hymn to the earth. Glorifying mother earth, vedic sages regarded earth as sacred and inviolable.
Bhumi Pranaam is inspired by these verses and is a tribute to the various manifestations of Bhumi Devi.  Through this presentation various significant episodes from mythology have been culled to illustrate the greatness of Bhumi Devi and her avatars.  The avatars being presented are : The creation of the sacred earth as eulogized in ancient hymns, the rescue of Bhu Devi by Varaha Murthi when she was captured by the asura Hiranyaksha; The path to liberation through the surrender to the lord by Andal who appeared splitting the earth;  The killing of the evil Narakasura by Sathyabhama;  and the epitomy of perseverance and forbearance Sita who is born of the earth and finally returns to her mother’s lap Bhumi Devi .

Specially conceived, composed and choreographed, Bhumi Pranaam features original lyrics and music composition.  An artful combination of exploratory innovativeness and traditional creativity, Ajith and Nadarajan together with dancers from their respective academies, Suvarna and Subraanjali, accompanied by their orchestra of excellent musicians bring to you another unforgettable experience of dance.  Bhumi Pranaam is a 120 minute non-stop production.

This artistic team comprising of the 2 Artistic Directors, Ajith and Nadarajan and the producer, Meena Kumaree have taken a new approach to interpreting Bharatha Natyam.  Bharatha Natyam is no longer mere movements to them but has evolved into being a language that they use to communicate their inspirations and ideas to the audience.  Ajith, Nada and Meena have been working together for over 10 years and in the last 4 years have focused their creativity into exploring breadth and depth that Bharatha Natyam offers to a dancer.  Revisiting Hindu mythology and the ancient Indian texts, and then seeing beyond the surface symbolism, they are constantly engaged in understanding the underlying philosophies, which in truth, have current global issues embedded in them.  And hence they have taken these philosophies, demystified it and made it easily understood for today’s audience through specific thematic presentations.

This evening of dance will be staged on Saturday, 28th and Sunday, 29th July 2012 at the Lim Bee Auditorium, Kompleks Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah, USJ1 Subang Jaya.

For further information on invitations, please contact :

  • Meena Kumaree  – 017-3310609,
  • Santha Nantha – 012-309636

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