Leela Samson Reinstated

News from the The Hindu 10 mins ago.


Leela Samson, who quit as the director of Kalakshetra Foundation on April 12 amid pressure from a section of the board, has been reinstated by the Ministry of Culture.

“Yes, she is back,” a senior official in the Ministry told The Hindu on Friday evening.  Ms. Samson too confirmed that she is rejoining the Foundation as its director. “I don’t want to say anything more at this point,” she said.

Ms. Samson’s resigned following a stormy board meeting held on April 10, when some of the members reportedly questioned her continuance the post, citing her age (she is 61) and the CAG report that pointed to certain irregularities in Kalakshetra. Two days later, on April 12, she quit saying she did not wish to continue in such unpleasant circumstances.

The artist fraternity rose to her support and many members of the Board wrote to the Ministry demanding her reinstatement.


2 responses to “Leela Samson Reinstated

  1. So disappointing… Leela Samson has come to spoil Hinduism and people are supporting her blissfully unaware of the damages she is causing to Bharatanatyam in the name of secularism. Oh Shiva…. the Lord of dance.. she even removed your son’s pictures from Kalakshetra’s invitation cards, etc. So sad 😦

  2. Hindu, the word comes from Persians and Mughals who wanted to classify the cultural ethos of ALL people living to the right of the river sindhu. By that definition, Leela akka is a pucca hindu for she satisfies both criteria. Unfortunately, some people like you even though born on this side have turned off all their logical reasoning and spend their uncontributing bag of zero energy judging others based not based on their karma but their births. i say we throw u out to west of the legendary river, maybe to Afganistan where your taliban like thoughts belong.

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