Ragamala Dance at American Dance Festival, Tuesday, July 10–Thursday, July 12 at 8 pm Reynolds Industries Theater

Heralded as one of the Diaspora’s leading Bharatanatyam companies, Ragamala Dance has broken the bounds of the traditional South Indian classical dance form and seamlessly carried it into the 21st century. Artistic Directors Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy bring the culture’s unique sensibility of mysticism, myth, and sanctity onto the contemporary dance stage, creating a captivating experience that is unlike any other. Their ADF debut will feature Sacred Earth (2011), a work inspired by two transient art forms: kolam floor drawings and Warli wall paintings. This collage of the senses uses the visual beauty on stage along with the live musical accompaniment to develop and explore the interconnectedness of humans and the vast landscapes that shape them.

Pl visit http://www.americandancefestival.org/performances2012/09_RagamalaDance.html for more details


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