Leela Samson to quit as Kalakshetra Director

I am disturbed to read this news. 😦 It came in The Hindu today.


Bharatanatyam exponent Leela Samson will relinquish charge as director of Kalakshetra on April 30, it is reliably learnt. Until the Ministry of Culture appoints a new director, Karunaker K. Menon, deputy director, will be in charge of the administration of the institution.

Confirming that Ms. Samson was relinquishing charge, Kalakshetra Foundation’s chairman Gopalkrishna Gandhi said if at all anyone should comment on the reason for her decision, it should be her.

However, Ms. Samson, who is on a performance tour, was not reachable for comment.

It is an understatement to say that the artist fraternity is shocked to hear this news.

Quoting Alarmel Valli

I do not know what the situation is, or why she decided to resign, but it is a great loss to an institution which so many look up to the world over. Leela breathed a fresh, new perspective into Kalakshetra.

and Malavika Sarukkai

She spearheaded several new initiatives at a time when classical arts need a lot of promotion and support. I am sure she had valid reasons to relinquish her charge, but still, it is a pity.


3 responses to “Leela Samson to quit as Kalakshetra Director

  1. Thanks Sangeetha. Here is the list of articles with the recent one on the top.

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    A majority of the members on Kalakshetra’s governing board want Leela Samson re-appointed as director.

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    Difficult to find a successor as dynamic as Leela Samson, say staff and students

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    Leela Samson who recently stepped down as the director of Kalakshetra on how she had to put up with “lies, allegations and games people play.”

    – CAG faults Kalakshetra, director goes by DC Correspondent

    – Leela Samson to quit as Kalakshetra director
    The news has shocked many in the artiste fraternity.


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