Classical Indian Dance to Cheerlead???

NO… Not a stretch of my imagination.
RY found this for us…

“Dressed in traditional Indian classical dancing costumes, Pune have dubbed their cheerleading team the Cheer Queens and the performers Bharatiya Nrityaganas (Indian Dancers).

“I thought it was a brilliant way to move out of our set thinking about cheerleaders,” says dancer Tanushree Shankar, who worked as a consultant with the PWI Cheer Queens last year.

“Classical and folk dance forms not only showcase our Indianness, but can be exotic and sensuous too,” she says.”

What Next???

2 responses to “Classical Indian Dance to Cheerlead???

  1. Hi Sangeetha,
    Although classical dances on a sports pitch may not be condoned, I appreciate this in comparison to hot pants and pompoms.

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