4years went by …Really?

BN and WWW has  offiically crossed the 4year Mark

I wrote this in Nov 2010 -” But I get the feeling and sincerely hope the blog will find ways to keep itself running, since there are a lot of  “BN-passionate  hearts” out there.”.. Looks like there is an element of truth there. The blog is alive.. and special thanks to Mr. Ragothaman for that. Soumya, Madhana Raghavan, Mr. K.T. Jagannathan and Subhalakshmi have gently and at times scared me into keeping this running. Thanks to all of them. They are very busy individuals and their sheer love for BN/Art is indeed contagious.

Today, the stats counter reads- 302,504 hits.

Top Searches that brought readers to this Blog in the past year

  • Bharathanatyam/ bharatanatyam/Bharatham
  • Nattuvangam
  • Shabdam
  • Mudras
  • Mohiniyattam/ Kerala dance (I dont even have a tag for this keyword)
  • bharatanatyam poses (well those are definitely in demand)
  • Ajit Bhaskaran Dass
  • Padams
  • Sheejith Krishna
  • Varnam

Actually Anita Ratnam gets into the top ten searches too.. especially if I did include searches for, Anita Ratnam TV, Anita Ratnam family, etc etc. Well Dr. Anita is definitely popular.

As for search words that bring us glee (remember some Malathi, Ugly Ranga, Outcsourcing BN from last year).. I am sorry to disappoint you.. Not many this year. Please make do with :

  • “Iyer Sheriyar”(oh the shabdam I guess),
  •  “can’t differentiate between a oil painting bharatanatyam and the real one” (???)
  •  “madras dance”(something like Madras bashai? a new style evolving?),
  • “sg films present the cinima narthaki”(I dont understand),and
  • “inferno bharatanatyam”(pathindu yeriyarthu eh?)

Readers, and this one has me thinking- “prerequisites for doing phd in nattuvangam”

Thanks to wordpress for their excellent services and their continuous efforts at improvement .

Once again, an invitation to all BN lovers, please feel free to write to us at bn.and.wwwatgmail.com Replace “at” in theabove email id with @.

Wishing you all great times ahead, with lots of good BN in it.

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