Season Arrives… Arising Hopes

Putting together a wish list from” middle-class” rasikas for this years Season…

  • I hope the autos/taxis don’t fleece me on my visits to the Sabhas
  • I hope the restrooms are clean and have running water.
  • I hope I get to watch as many performances as possible
  • I hope my favorite artistes are not lined up on the same day
  • I hope I choose the right programmes to attend
  • I hope my child dosent fall sick on the day of a performance I am looking forward to.
  • I hope I don’t have power cuts when I go back home after a performance.
  • I hope my relatives understand that I am in Madras during Dec to watch performances and excuse my not attending dinners at their home. I hope they join me at the sabha and canteen instead.
  • I hope to see more rasikas piling up for BN performances
  • I hope to see some nice costumes, nothing too jazzy or weird.
  • I hope I get to see some soulful dance/music and not merely an exhibition of talent

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