No Style and much more…

Here are excerpts from articles Mr. Ragothaman shared with me in the last couple of days. Some very interesting articles.

  1. I have had a lot of people  tell me  that they enjoyed PG’s performance but could not place her “bani/style (that placement is important for a few organization freaks who have to tag and file away everything). “Priyadarashini G  herself says ” “I have no style now”. …..she elaborated that after having different gurus, choreographing several dance items, improvisations, the style matures or changes. “It is on the move, always. Fifteen years ago, I did not dance like this,”  (   I would definitely not say that she lacks style. In fact I am able to spot PG dance-alikes all over the place and label this style “the PG style”.. What say???
  2. The next article is interesting because it is rare…a not-so-good review -of- PG (hey I am not saying the review is bad here…)   performance as part of ‘Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Award Festival 2011′ held at Rabindra Mandap in Bhubaneswar…

What complaints you ask?

    1. Language of items chosen not apt for the audience
    2. Repetitive Hasta prayoga/ lack of variation
    3. ” fell short of the right expression”/facial expressions, synthetic looks

I can see a few ardent fans  seething there..

The reviewer goes on to say ” Symmetry and systematic execution of nritta seems to be the artiste’s hallmark’ . The sentence before the penultimate mention of the orchestra reads.. ” The Vande maataram…finale could have been avoided as it just did not gel with Priyadarshini’s brand of Bharatanatyam.”.. There see PG says she doesnt have a style… but her audience/viewers recognize her as a brand!

Does one does make a brand only when they emerge out of the chrysalis , the mould of her Guru’s style? For the dancer this is scary..She needs to give up her comfort zone and regurgitate, realize and internalize what is hers and hers alone. Brand name is important when you need to (re)launch yourself  as an independent-dancer…

However, I am wondering if being a so and so’s student makes one a less of a dancer… definitely no  right???

Okay I am too tired to indulge in this unproductive line of thought..

The next article that I intend to bring to your notice  is available online I am not going into very many details.. Its about lateral teaching and there is a sort of guarantee that ” the end result will be perfect”….  I quote “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practical; but in practice, there is!  Practically the Dhuritakala movements are different from those of Vilambakala.  It works better if Dhuritakala grammar is followed for teaching Vilambakala.  One can always learn the theoretical grammar at a later stage.”

One of my “kritimamana” dance teacher friend says ” I am not buying this. PERIOD”. Will you buy it?

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