Natyarangam 2011

Natyarangam, the annual festival of Narada Gana Sabha,  is being held from August 12 to 17 at the Narada Gana Sabha. In the 2011 edition of Natyarangam,  15 dancers will take the stage,  to present “Kadhai Kadhaiyam.” with subjects drawn from modern short stories. The works of the following authors have been chosen: Pudumai Pithan, Thi. Janakiraman, Asokamitran, Jayakanthan, Sivasankari, Indira Parthasarathy, Poomani and Ambai.  The short story will find its counterpart in the epic, mythology or old Indian literature of any language.

For More Info:

Live coverage can be watched  daily at 6.15pm IST  at  (But I think you may need an account with Kalakendra)

To purchase it as a CD

Quote from at facebook: “the current festivals in Chennai for young dancers or new themes is posing a difficult challenge for the classical community. They are just not equipped to cross over to literature from other genres – especially modern and contemporary writing.. good luck to all of them but, from what I have seen during some rehearsals, the results will be mostly damp squibs” –

Credits; Mr. Ragothaman

If you get to watch it, please share your comments with us.

5 responses to “Natyarangam 2011

  1. Thanks for posting.. But I already missed three days 😦 😦 Im glad I got the link atleast now!

    Yep MR… from decemeber 2011, I should be able to do justice to this blog.- Sangeetha

  2. I know Natyarangam has been doing a great job for years, mainly due to the wonderful people in the excom. This year’s theme is indeed very refreshing and appears to change the focus from archaic repertoire to a chronologically relevant one. My only worry is that the stories are limited to Tamil literature. Doesn’t this exclusive approach erode the art of its rather wider appeal and limit it to TN and Chennai, while the traditional repertoire has been multilingual without an overemphasis on Tamil. I wonder how this aspect escaped the attention of the otherwise wonderful organisers :))

  3. Saw Navia Natarajan’s 2nd half and Narthaki Natraj’s performance. The telecast was good quality and saw most of the performance. In my opinion, the idea was well presented and executed. Missed the first few days of this….
    Why do we get to know these telecasted events only after they start? Makes sense to the organizers that all the audience were watching it from home rather than coming to the auditorium. But, some publicity from the organizer are needed for people living outside Chennai.

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