Interviews with Male Dancers

Mr. Ragothaman writes….

In 2009 Gowri Ramnarayan, grand-daughter of Kalki, had started a series on male dancers in Bharatanatyam. It appeared fortnightly in The Hindu for little more than 5 months. However, it stopped after that. Here are the links and I hope you enjoy reading about the dancers as much as I did two years ago.

G. Narendra
Vijay Madhavan
C. P. Satyajit
Binesh Mahadevan
Aniruddha Knight
P.T. Narendran
Shanmuga Sundaram
N. Srikanth
Kala Krishna
Sheejith Krishna
V. Balagurunathan

One response to “Interviews with Male Dancers

  1. Thanks for the info! With due apologies interested only in female dancers and their female critics 🙂

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