Stop Gap Measure

Hi All!

I know quite a few event invites/ articles are seeking attention from my inbox.  Promise to get to it soon! I am extremely sorry for being the sloth that I am. I have literally been using the site as a notice board for events. Life in my parallel universe has been consuming all my time and energy in the recent past.

I have this morning attended to a few events that are coming up soon. If I have overlooked yours, please nudge me again. While I sort things out here, I would like to share with you these articles  that Mr. Ragothaman brought to my attention.

  1. Super Class Nonsense! – from Narthaki- written by Ratikant Mohapatra
  2. All leaps and Jumps–  series on designer adavus from The Hindu by Sujata Vijayaraghavan
  3. Concluding part of the above article (Shared by Mr. Madhana Raghavan)
Both in their own way attempt to define the success of “innovating within tradition”… that delicate balance that seems so elusive. When the fine line is crossed, the audience can just walk away laughing , or spew out flames of fury.

One response to “Stop Gap Measure

  1. “Mannerism is the canker that eats up the beauty of adavus”. Nonsense. I bet Alarmel Valli as many other non-Kalakshetra dancers would say that Sujatha also hates to hear any brigas or gamakas in a vocal recital, and her austere spartan outlook is fit for an elderly army colonel’s who gets around on crutches.

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