BN & WWW is now 3 years old!

So it survived being around for 3 years.  A big  “Thank You” to all the readers.

I also owe a special “Acknowledgement note” to Mr. Ragothaman who has shared a lot of interesting information and links with us. This has in a big way  helped  keep this blog up and running. Thanks to all other friends who commented/wrote/ ping-ed me.  My sincere thanks to  Ms.Soumya Tilak , Mr. Madhana Raghavan, KSL and Mr. KT  Jagannathan of Carnatic Darbar for their timely nudges.

I know and feel guilty that I havent given the blog as much time as I would have liked to, in the past few months. But I get the feeling and sincerely hope the blog will find ways to keep itself running, since there are a lot of  “BN-passionate  hearts” out there.

Today, the stats counter reads- 232, 030 hits. That’s not so bad… 80,000 hits in the last year.

Top Searches that brought readers to this Blog in the past year

  • nattuvangam
  • Bharathanatyam/ bharatanatyam
  • priyadarshini govind
  • shijith nambiar
  • sheejith krishna
  • anita ratnam
  • sangeet natak akademi awards 2009
  • bharatanatyam costume
  • shabdam
  • pooja kumar

Thanks to wordpress once again. If anybody is thinking of starting a blog, I would recommend wordpress without any deliberation 🙂

If there is anyone out there who would like to be a part of BN&WWW, I invite you to join the gang. Please feel free to write to us at Replace “at” in theabove email id with @.

Wishing all of you a great  year ahead, with lots of good BN in it.

4 responses to “BN & WWW is now 3 years old!

  1. Heartfelt congratulations. Keep it up and have many more happy returns of the day!! Good luck !!!

    Dear Mr. Ravishankar,
    Thank You very much!

  2. Hi Sangeetha,
    I am happy that at least now there are genuine keywords through which readers are coming to this blog.

    Hi R,
    The genuine keyword searches were always there, and weird ones do co-exist. You wont beleive me when I say that the person searching for some Malathi has still done so today, and another one is searching for “what do you mean by ganapaty kavutuvam”. What would you say for this search …”the hindu/ reference: mr. ragothaman” 🙂
    Long live curiosity!

  3. I hope they find that “some Malathi” 😛
    I have no other response other than “OMG”. I am completely amused…

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